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We are professional gold bullion dealers. We also trade in gold jewelry and all range of valuables made of gold.

We buy gold

We sell and buy gold bars and gold coins. You can sell us all kinds of scrap gold, including damaged gold products. We make immediate payments in cash.We buy gold purchased both at our office and other places. We are also interested in buying and selling platinum and palladium products. We will evaluate your gold items free of charge. You can call us to discuss the items you want to sell and get a fair price quote. You can pay us a visit at our office right in the heart of Warsaw where we will close the transaction. The chart below presents the current gold spot prices. The given purchase and sale prices refer to quantities over 100 grams.


  • 333 (8ct)
  • 375 (9ct)
  • 585 (14ct)
  • 750 (18ct)
  • 999 (24ct)


Current gold purchase prices: 


We pay more for undamaged pieces of gold.


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